ZBrush and Unity Character – Hunter

This is a character I’ve been working on for a while in ZBrush. I brought him into Unity3D, and plugged him into the phenomenal Marmoset Skyshop image-based lighting tools demo scene. You’ll need the Unity3D web player to see this web viewer:

Here’s a direct link to the Unity3D Web Player.

What’s great about Skyshop is that it uses a high dynamic range panoramic sky to illuminate the character, and this gives a naturalistic glow to the character while also making the character seem connected with the environment:

I also took the opportunity to put to use an animation viewer I created for a University of Oklahoma project I completed recently. This viewer uses Playmaker for the buttons and triggering of the animations, and Unity’s Mecanim system for controlling the animation itself. Mecanim allowed me to apply animations from a variety of sources onto this character. The drunk walk and death animation you see here came from a motion capture collection, while I hand-animated the taunt and idles.

Shots from Marmoset Toolbox:

ZBrush sculpts:

Here’s a shot of the topology in Polyframe mode, with the polygroups visible:

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