Paw Patrol: Rescue Run


This is Paw Patrol: Rescue Run, a mobile game based on the hit Nick Jr. TV Show. I created most of the 3D assets for the game, mainly by converting them from original Nick Jr. show assets. These assets included the pups, their vehicles, supporting characters, and various props and level elements. Here are some pups in the Unity3D viewer I used to show them to the client:




Here’s the game in action:

And the update that added the new pup Everest, and a snowy level:

In both clips I created just about every asset you see (again, basing the game art on the awesome Nick Jr. show assets). Didn’t do the penguins, though, or the chickens. (Can’t have it all.) And I didn’t do the GUI graphics you see below. Pretty much everything else, though.


There were a few cases in which I needed to create new designs from scratch, and these had to match the show style. One such case was this crane that was used in the train level and the pier:


It has to be said: It was a PAWsome project to get to work on!

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