Older / Miscellaneous Work

A few samples from some older work, or work that didn’t quite fit on the main page. Much of it is from before I went freelance in 2003, and dating all the way back to my first job on the tail end of the Sega Genesis era.

A church, done around 2003, based on Liquid Development’s concept art, for Origin’s Ultima X: Odyssey:

Environment design in Maya and lit with Mental Ray for Yourself!Fitness for the XBox and PC, 2004:

2D vector art for a 2007 project for Intel’s internal game development group. The game was a puzzler multiple people could play on a big screen; each player needed their own recognizable icon:

A similar 2D vector art tank game for Intel,  in which players identified their on-screen tanks by their choice of icons:

Concept art for the tank game:



All art assets for PaintballNET, an indie game using GarageGame’s Torque engine, 2006:


Animated sky, billboard lighthouse and animated light, and animated water – for Surreal Software’s The Suffering for PS2:


Where I got my start, doing sprites for X-Men2: The Clone Wars for Sega Genesis:


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