“Grunt” Robot for Flarb LLC

 The “Grunt,” a type of robot character for a new app called Ether Drift being developed by Flarb LLC. Flarb will create physical and digital characters by 3D printing the models as part of the manufacturing process.

“Grunt” Robot for Flarb LLC from Spencer Boomhower on Vimeo.

Flarb supplied the concept art and ZBrush sculpt, and I retopologized the model, created UVs and textures (using the amazing dDO), rigged it and applied some motion-capture animation I had handy, and hand-animated the ears to perk up and retract, giving the bots a little bit of quirky personality.


Finally I exported it to Unity3D where I created shaders for use with the (also amazing) Marmoset Skyshop.

Then came weapon and color variations, again making great use of the flexibility afforded by dDo.


See the Unity3D Web Player here:



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