Friday, October 11th, 2013

“Stalker” Unity3D Character for Mobile


This character, called a “Stalker” is built with a low poly count and only a diffuse map for top performance on mobile. See it in a Unity Web Player; click and drag to orbit and mouse wheel to zoom.


The character is for a top-down strategy game, so he’s meant to be seen from something more like this POV:



Even though this character doesn’t use normal maps, I started off by building it into a high-detail sculpt in ZBrush. My technique used  the sculpt to create convincing lighting in the diffuse texture.  This approach is based on Dota 2’s character creation techniques.


Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

Older / Miscellaneous Work

A few samples from some older work, or work that didn’t quite fit on the main page. Much of it is from before I went freelance in 2003, and dating all the way back to my first job on the tail end of the Sega Genesis era.

A church, done around 2003, based on Liquid Development’s concept art, for Origin’s Ultima X: Odyssey:

Environment design in Maya and lit with Mental Ray for Yourself!Fitness for the XBox and PC, 2004:

2D vector art for a 2007 project for Intel’s internal game development group. The game was a puzzler multiple people could play on a big screen; each player needed their own recognizable icon:

A similar 2D vector art tank game for Intel,  in which players identified their on-screen tanks by their choice of icons:

Concept art for the tank game:



All art assets for PaintballNET, an indie game using GarageGame’s Torque engine, 2006:


Animated sky, billboard lighthouse and animated light, and animated water – for Surreal Software’s The Suffering for PS2:


Where I got my start, doing sprites for X-Men2: The Clone Wars for Sega Genesis:


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